Zero Plus Automatic Bottom Door Drop Seal Heavy Duty Rebated

Zero Plus

  • £20.99

All of our stock is new and unused but has been in storage therefore packaging may be a little dirty/dusty. In most cases the product itself is pristine however the odd one may have small marks but as this item is fitted in a concealed way none of this will be noticable anyway.

Drop seals work by activating on the hinge-side first to prevent the seal from dragging when the door closes. This avoids door hang-up or delays in closing. The low-force system is self-levelling and does not conflict with the lock, latch or closing mechanism. Drop seals also provide added security. By eliminating the gap beneath a door, you’re reducing the chance that criminals could exploit this weakness. Drop seals are used for reducing exposure to draughts, weather, noise, fire, smoke, light, fumes, insects etc.

  • Heavy duty seal Mortice size 23.5x40mm, secured by screws either side
  • Maximum drop 22.2mm
  • Can be reduced in length by 152mm from non-operating end
  • No instructions however fitting is relatively straight forward
  • Choose size from options