Springlock Anti-Theft Picture Frame Hanging System


  • £2.49

SpringLOCK is a market leading system to prevent unwanted removal or theft of artwork. Locks are pushed into position and can only be removed using the special release tool. 

This listing offers the following items:

Method A Pack (Side by side installation - see diagram)

Pack includes two springLOCKS (i.e. two bridges and two locks) and four screws.

Method B Pack (Two top hangers and bottom lock - see diagram) 

Pack includes two hang plates, one springLOCK and six screws.

You may also need a Release Tool to release the lock and Marker Buttons which fit into the bridge to assist with marking wall screw positions.

Wall screws are not supplied, most No 6, 8 or 10 screws with a head less than 3mm tall will work.