Taskar Rotary Cutter Blades 28mm, 45mm, 60mm Olfa Dafa 1, 5, 10 Pack


  • £0.99

Taskar Japanese SKS-7 carbon steel blades go through four stages of sharpening to ensure you will enjoy a long lasting, extra sharp cut at a fraction of the cost of original brand blades.

  • Fits most brands including Olfa, Dafa, Fiskars etc 
  • All blades are provided in a plastic storage case (please note 1 & 2 blade packs will not be retail packaged but will have the storage case)
  • 28mm and 45mm have measurements engraved, 60mm are plain
  • Please note if you choose 10 packs of 28mm or 60mm you will receive 2 x 5 packs