Lorient IS8005si Bottom Drop Door Seal 535-1135mm Rebated


  • £16.99

All of our stock is new and unused but has been in storage therefore packaging may be a little dirty/dusty. In most cases the product itself is pristine however the odd one may have small marks but as this item is fitted in a concealed way none of this will be noticable anyway.

  • A slim-line, concealed automatic door bottom seal which is mortised into the bottom edge of single action doors.
  • It operates automatically by a spring loaded mechanism which lifts the seal clear of the floor as soon as the door is opened.
  • Mounted into a 24mm deep x 13mm wide mortised groove, the seal is fixed via flanges on the underside of the door, operating automatically by pressure against the door jamb on its adjustable strike button.
  • Tested for acoustic performance in accordance with BS EN ISO 10140-2: 2010.
  • Meets the smoke leakage performance requirements of BS 9999 when tested in accordance with BS 476: Pt.31.1:1983.
  • Tested for up to 60 minutes under the conditions of BS476: Pt.20/22: 1987 without compromising fire performance.
  • Highly durable – has achieved over 1,000,000 cycles on a full size door assembly.
  • Can be fitted to aluminium doors by door fabricators.
  • These can be shortened by up to 99mm, for example the 735mm can be shortened to 636mm.