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Lifemax My Vitals Digital Medical Records Emergency First Aid


  • £11.99

Your personal safety and health often relies on communicating critical information - the Lifemax My Vitals gives you the peace of mind of knowing that this can be conveyed no matter what your situation. The Lifemax My Vitals is a convenient way to store critical information and is especially helpful to those with disabilities or medical concerns. Using a secure digital recording,

The Lifemax My Vitals stores up to 95 seconds of critical information. The striking green and white design and intuitive layout allows any caregiver to retrieve your vital information at the push of a button, when you are not able to. This is especially important to give you the confidence and freedom to go out when required, without the need of a person with you. Simply press one button and record the information important to you, be it your name and address in case you are lost, medical and life saving information, in fact any important you feel important to store.

The Lifemax My Vitals is compact and lightweight, measuring just 8.3x 5x 1cm and can be used by anyone, allowing you total peace of mind. Use the Lifemax My Vitals to stop your children getting lost or to give someone the confidence to set out alone.