Etienne Ozeki Denim Sewing Kit Gift Box Jeans Repair

Etienne Ozeki

  • £15.49

Fantastic sewing kit by 'Etienne Ozeki' designer brand. These come in a lovely red velvet effect gift box and therefore would make an ideal gift (please note that the boxes on the last 3 we will sell are slightly damaged - please check quantities before ordering).

Inside the red box you will find a denim roll containing a vast assortment of sewing items as can be seen in the photos, many related to the repair and customisation of denim. The set includes:

  • Scissors (in denim pouch)
  • Clippers (in denim pouch)
  • Hard chalk (in denim pouch)
  • Pack sewing needles
  • Denim pin cushion
  • 8 bags of studs and backs of varying designs (4 studs/backs per pack)
  • Thimble
  • 3 'nappy' style safety pins
  • 2 zips
  • 3 leather patches
  • 3 spools of thread (red, gold & black)
  • Tape measure
  • Stitch unpicker
  • White cloth marker
  • Yellow cloth marker
  • Pink & violet disappearing ink pen
  • 3 pieces of emery paper

The retail label which is loose inside the box shows a price of £45 and is marked "sample".