Blum Hinges Clip On 75T1550 & 173L6100 Mount 107 Degree + Screws


  • £2.30

Blum 107 degree clip top hinge and mounting plate for standard overlay applications, i.e. where the door slightly overlays the cabinet as with most kitchen units. 

For pricing please choose a quantity from the options available. Choose your pack size first then the number of packs required (quantity).

  • 1x Blum 75T1550 Hinge & 1x Blum Mounting Clip Plate 173L6100 (0mm for 18mm cabinets). If you need 173L6130 for 15mm cabinets just let us know.
  • Nickel Plated finish
  • 107 Deg opening angle
  • Closing mechanism with spring (not soft close)
  • Side adjustment: +/-2mm
  • Depth adjustment: + 3/- 2mm convenient spiral screw
  • Wood screws included

Screws are not included-can be purchased in separate listing