Blum HF Aventos Lift Up Bi-Fold Door System Mechanism 20F2500


  • £70.99

Blum Aventos HF bi-fold lift up system mechanism, comprising left & right mechanisms (arms, hinges and other components sold separately). Aventos HF is the right solution for high and mid wall units with bi-fold fronts in kitchens and living areas.

  • Power Factor: 5350-10150 (to determine power factor, multiply the cabinet height (mm) by the combined door weight include handle weight (kg)
  • Minimum Internal Cabinet Depth: 278 mm
  • Cabinet heights 480–1040 mm
  • Cabinet widths up to 1800 mm
  • Silent and effortless closing, thanks to BLUMOTION
  • Simple, infinitely variable lift mechanism
  • Package contains - 2 x Lift Mechanism (symmetrical), 8 x Chipboard screws Ø 4 x 35 mm
  • Part no - 20F2500.05