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A4 Poster Window Display Frame Clear Self Adhesive Landscape Reuseable

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  • £17.99

These poster holders stick to, and peel from, almost any flat, smooth and shiny surface such as glass, steel, laminate, acrylic etc.

The unique adhesive can be washed clear of dust etc to make it as good as new and fully reuseable.

  • Fully transparent thin acrylic poster holder
  • Suitable for A4 paper or thin card mounted horizontally (landscape) - please see our other listing for the landscape version
  • No more unsightly tape or tacky stuff
  • On clear glass two posters can be inserted, back to back
  • Adhesive can be renewed by washing in warm water


  1. Check and clean your surface
  2. Peel the release paper from the bottom and top strips
  3. Place the holder on the clean surface, rubbing firmly along each adhesive strip - adjust for alignment
  4. Peel away the top strip and insert the poster
  5. To re-use simply peel from the surface and restick - if the adhesive has attracted dirt and is losing grip, simply wash it all in a sink with warm water. Once dry, it will be as good as new