300 Blue & White Christmas Workshop Chaser Lights Remote Control 30m

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  • £21.99

This set of 300 LED Chaser Lights by Christmas Workshop are safe to use indoors or outside. The white and blue LED bulbs are able to be set to turn off and on with ease using the cool remote control and they can also be set to run in any one of the set of 8 mode sequences pre-programmed into the unit so you can choose your favorite pattern. The remote means you don't need to reach for the fuction unit to change the pattern.

  • 300 LED Remote Control Blue/White Chaser Lights
  • Mains Powered
  • Approx Length: 34.9m (1m from plug to control box, 4m from control box to 1st light, 29.9m of lights)
  • 10cm Bulb Spacing
  • 8 Functions